PHP and My SQL are unbelievably powerful open supply technologies that permit programmers and net developers to make useful websites and apps that go approach on the far side basic HTML.

PHP is specially created to come up with interactive and dynamic websites and conjointly called server-side scripting language whereas My SQL is one in every of the leading relative databases in conjunction with Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.

PHP (or PHP machine-readable text Preprocessor) may be a server-side scripting language that’s wont to produce dynamic web content which will move with databases. it’s a widely-used open linguistic communication that’s specifically used for internet application development and may be embedded at intervals HTML.

Why PHP?

The distinctive feature of PHP is that the scripting code is dead on the server, that generates HTML that’s sent back to the shopper. The shopper receives the results of corporal punishment the script while not knowing the underlying code. Developers will assemble the online server to method all the HTML files (containing the PHP script).

PHP course is simple to be told for any newcomer, however conjointly offers advanced programming options.

Using PHP with a information system

PHP, as a scripting language, is widespread among internet developers attributable to its ability to move with information systems together with Oracle and My SQL.

This article discusses the employment of PHP scripting language with the My SQL information. Any web site will need a spread info} or information to show and to retrieve them from the information. this will embody show of an easy list to the running of the web site supported knowledge hold on within the information.

Listed below are some examples wherever PHP and My SQL will be used together:

  • Digital Ad banners, wherever the PHP script will be wont to retrieve a digital banner from the information, that then selects a random banner from its table records and sends it back to the career script. The PHP script may maintain a count of banner views and clicks from the web site.
  • web forums or digital boards, that use PHP and My SQL to store and retrieve user messages.
  • web site coming up with, wherever the planning of a whole web site will be modified employing a number of PHP scripts, rather than dynamical and uploading every website. The PHP script will access the My SQL information to retrieve all info concerning the online page.

Setting up the My SQL information

The procedure of fitting the My SQL information varies in step with the host. each information would need a user name and parole, so as to access the information.

Database administration will be done victimization PHP scripts or employing a program like PHP My Admin.


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