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Upcoming Tours: Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir 2018.


Upcoming Tours: Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir

Upcoming Tours: Neelum Valley- Azad Kashmir. on 30 Mar - 01 April 2018.

Upcoming Tours: Neelum Valley- Azad Kashmir.

RS.3500: Beautiful tour in Minimum Budgets.

on 30 Mar – 01 April 2018.

Upcoming Tours from Islamabad to AJK Neelum Vally.

The Neelam Valley is the northernmost region and district of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan.
The district has a population of 191,251 according to the 2017 Census. If you want to visit Neelum Valley then come and join us and visit our website. For visiting a website click here 
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Valley Neelum is the Paradise of Kashmir :

Neelum Valley is one of the excellent spots of Azad Kashmir. The stream which has bends like snake and has blue shading thats why its name is Neelum. Neelum Valley is the “PARASIDE OF KASHMIR”. There is a logical inconsistency. Due to a valuable stone Neelum. Its called  as Neelum . Neelum Valley is situated in the Kashmir Region. And toward the North East of Muzaffarabad and running parallel to the Kaghan Valley. Neelum valley is not quite the same as it by snowstorm secured mountain which are 4000 meters higher than the sea level. It contains around 370 extensive and little towns. The most part of Neelum contains slopes and mountains with awesome valleys.

The valley has thick timberland, streams and waterways. The valley can be drawn nearer from two distinct focuses. One from Kaghan Valley and the other is Noori Top. Other than these two it has numerous minor goes too.

The area of Neelum valley begins 43 km from Muzaffarabad. The territory is like celebrated for its mineral mines from that specific area. Mineral are being tranposrted to different urban communities of Pakistan. Not with standing that there is likewise LOC (LINE OF CONTROL). Where relatives can cross the scaffold and can meet their relatives on the opposite side of the extension twice per month. A head of the Chak clan named Muzaffar Khan, to avoid the Mughal multitudes of Emperor Akbar.


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