How search Tags Works in Fiverr

Fiverr search tags are keywords that can be added when you create a gig, these make it easier for buyers to find your service.

For example, if you add the tag ‘website SEO audit‘ to your gig then a buyer searching for that specific keyword would be far more likely to find your gig than if you failed to use that tag.

Fiverr Search Tags Effectively

To get the best results out of your Fiverr search tags you should do these two things:

Choose search tags that people are looking for

The easiest way to do this is to input the general theme of your gig into the Fiverr search box such as ‘logo’ and then see what the auto-suggestions come up as.

So if you were planning on setting up a logo design business it would be a good idea to use search tags such as;

  • ‘logo design’
  • ‘minimalist’
  • ‘3d’

Use 3-5 search tags per gig

Make sure they are directly relevant to your gig, adding irrelevant tags just to help boost your gigs visibility will do the opposite and negatively impact your Fiverr gigs ranking.


Fiverr search tags examples

Some examples can be seen below.

Fiverr Data Entry Search Tags

Most searched for data entry tags include:

  • typing work
  • data entry and web research
  • operator
  • excel
  • virtual assistant
  • copy paste

Fiverr search tags for logo design

Some of the most searched for logo design tags include:

  • minimalist
  • vintage
  • modern
  • mascot logo design
  • YouTube
  • business
  • feminine logo design

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Faisal Adnan is a Young Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of the CodeMaze Pvt.Ltd known as a Entrepreneur and the Technology Mobilizer.


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