Digital Assets and its daily life uses.

Introduction to Digital Assets


Digital Assets are digital materials created or owned by your institution/person.

Digital assets exist in a variety of formats and can include text, web, audio, video and image files.

It is actually a billion dollar industry that enables corporate enterprises worldwide to collaborate and avoid wasted time and resources.

Digital assets may be used in many contexts, including sales, marketing, education, web development, collections management and digital preservation.

Digital images of objects in your collection are digital assets, as our logo image files, corporate Powerpoint presentations.

And any other digital resources created by your institution that generate revenue or that provide valuable content to employees or clients.

While the definition of a digital asset is constantly changing as new digital formats emerge in business.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is evolving rapidly and represents both major opportunities and potential pitfalls for many industries.

If you have spent time and money creating or acquiring something then that item is an asset to your organization.

Uses and Creation of Digital Asset


DAM software may offer specialization for different use cases.

Some come with built-in project management tools on top of asset ingestion and storage.

Others might provide commenting/approval systems or even marketing templates.

The right type of DAM for an agency with a variety of enterprise clients will be different from the DAM needed at a distributed financial company.

Still, it’s easy to over-think all these differences when what they share is often the important part.

While digital asset management tools may vary by business model, if it offers the above ten core features it counts as a DAM.

DAM System Creation tools

DAM System Creation tools

The cost will vary on how many users, how much storage, and hosting options.

Perception is that digital asset management systems are expensive, but it’s really your requirements that can drive the price up.

You can find a small digital asset management system for $25 per month, but as you add options and customizations cost can rise and hit the six-figure market quickly.

  • Ingest assets individually or in mass.
  • Secure assets with access control and other security features.
  • Store assets as binaries and metadata.
  • Render and Transform assets into new forms.
  • Enrich the asset lifecycle with reuse, metadata, and search.
  • Relate assets by tracking and connecting versions.
  • Create a structured process in asset management, creation, and review.
  • Find assets and support retrieval via tagging and search.
  • Preview assets before file download.
  • Produce and publish content to various types of distribution outside of the DAM system.

Start your research and find three systems to evaluate, but only evaluate those that are within your budget.

Be honest with the vendor on your budget constraints and most of them will be able to help you find a solution that works for you and your organization.

Important Reasons to Use DAM

DAM makes positive that assets square measure properly hold on.
This means knowledge doesn’t stray.
Duplicates square measure eliminated, therefore there aren’t any incorrect versions of your assets.
This creates a transparent summary, saving time still as server house.

Unusual file varieties or Brobdingnagian knowledge collections of photos, images, documents or videos will simply be processed by a DAM system.

Reasons to Use DAM

A good DAM system can show you ways you’ll simply use your assets in an exceeding form of ways you’ll use the search perform to search out assets.

And then assign the relevant content to completely different channels.


DAM additionally manages license agreements for these assets.

This offers protection from copyright cases and so attainable legal prices.

DAM may facilitate with format changes designers use Adobe programs, whereas developers use XML, Apis or JSON.

The distribution of content over many selling channels via a DAM system is incredibly time-efficient and efficient.

The additional channels being operated, the additional sense it makes.

Because corporations that act digitally usually operate microsites, websites, landing pages, social media channels, Xing, Linkedin etc.

Temporary solutions appreciate CMS or Microsoft Sharepoint cannot replicate the depth of a DAM system.

The technical effort needed to regulate and originated the code would be substantial.

A central structure is tremendously important If, to Illustrate, solely the selling.

Unless the manager is on leave of absence or leaves their position.

A DAM system becomes a content hub, creating assets out there to any or all.

The additional specific the keywords that square measure allotted to assets, the better they’ll be found.

Digital Assets on Blockchains

Assets on Blockchains

Digital plus management is one amongst the promising applications of blockchain technology.

Blockchains could offer principal disintermediation between digital plus issuers, application developers, and consumers.

And decouple tasks concerning plus management, comparable to issuing, dealings process, securing users funds and establishing users identities.

This paper outlines basic parts of blockchain-based plus ledgers.

Similarly as their use cases for monetary services and for rising Internet of Things and consumer-to-consumer markets.

We have a tendency to describe existing and prospective deployment models for plus ledgers, together with multi-asset blockchains, colored coin, and metacoin protocols.

This paper focuses totally on Bitcoin-based services and, to a lesser degree, on public
blockchains normally.

DMA Creation steps

. User security: The ledger must implement adequate authorization protocols to spot possession and allow transfer or issuing of assets.

• Counterfeit resistance: The system must have mechanisms to confirm impossibility of counterfeiting assets.

• Auditability: The system must store all plus transactions so as to allow audits of activity (e.g., by restrictive bodies).

• Dealings processing: this might be performed in a suburbanized manner by geographically distributed nodes of the network.

Moreover, process the foundations for dealings process (i.e.defining valid transactions) can be split from the process.

Plus issuance: within the most general case, this might be performed by any user of the blockchain network.

• Securing user’s funds: this might be performed by third parties victimization tutelary or non-custodial wallets.

• Identities of services: this might be established by building public
key infrastructure supported a blockchain.

• Application development: This doesn’t need cooperation with blockchain maintainers.

Digital Assets Importance

Digital Assets Importance

The approach that we have a tendency to do business has modified.

Emotions have invariably influenced shopping for behaviors, however, currently, it’s over simply cool ads driving client demand.

It’s concerning United Nations agency is connecting the simplest with their customers.

Associate in Nursing in a progressively digital world, most of those connections area unit happening across online channels.

This is wherever your digital assets are available.

At their core, digital assets area unit the visual illustration of your merchandise, services, culture and, ultimately, your brand.

Digital assets became essential tools of name loyalty, with every single digital interaction returning to visuals and duplicate

Digital Asset Management Coins


Iconomi is a digital assets management platform that aims to facilitate the seamless investment and trade of digital assets.

The ICN token has seen a recent high of over $2M in trading volume over 24 hours and is currently operating at a price of approximately $1.00 with a market cap of around $100M.

The Iconomi token ICN is also available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

When using the platform managers can create a portfolio of digital assets and then offer them to their clients or community as an investment vehicle.


Melonport offers the open-source Melon protocol that enables distributed digital asset management on the Ethereum blockchain.

The MLN token has recently experienced a 24-hour trade volume of over 700k and is trading at a price of approximately $53 with a market cap of around $31M.

Melonport aims to improve transparency related to funding performance while also reducing overhead costs.

The team strives to provide a lean, more diverse hedge fund that allows smaller investors to participate.

Metaverse ETP

Metaverse is an Asian-operated blockchain project that offers a full range of trading and investment options.

The ETP token experienced a 24-hour trade volume of over 30M mid-October and currently holds a price of approximately $3.20 and a market cap of around $73M.

The core goal of the Metaverse project is to enable blockchain-based digital asset management.

The Metaverse platform allows users to digitize their assets and offers ZenGold, a crypto asset linked to a physical purchase of gold.

The team strives to create a platform that allows for the easy trade and exchange of value.

Blackmoon Crypto

The Blackmoon Crypto Platform aims to tokenize funds rather than specific commodities.

Earlier this month, the BMC token experienced a 24-hour trade volume of around $500,000, whilst trading at a price of approximately $0.40, with a market cap of around $12M.

Investors can buy tokens for the best performing funds and this allows for a more transparent and efficient marketplace that allows investors to easily navigate the digital assets on offer.

The Blackmoon Crypto platform will offer its own first fund in January 2018, as a high yield fixed fiat income fund.


Waves launched in 2016 with the aim of facilitating the trading of all kinds of digital assets as well as real-world commodities.

Coins of Waves reached a market cap of around $500M in early October, but it has been dropping since.

The DAM Waves currently trades at a price of around $3.10.

When using the Waves platform anyone can create their own custom token and trade it with other users.

The Waves platform also includes a decentralized exchange or DEX that allows the trade of any token pairs that are on the blockchain.

In addition, there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from the DEX.

 Asset Management Coins

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