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Process Of Design


Dashboards Monitor and Measure Processes. The common business perception is that a dashboard is a lot of time period in nature, like Associate in Nursing automobile dashboard that lets drivers check their current speed, fuel level, and engine temperature at a glance. It follows that a dashboard is coupled on to systems that capture events as they happen and it warns users through alerts or exception notifications once performance against any number of metrics deviates from the norm.


Scorecards Chart Progress Toward Objectives. The common perception of a record book, on the opposite hand, is that it displays periodic snapshots of performance related to Associate in Nursing organization’s strategic objectives and plans. It measures commercial activity at a outline level against predefined targets to envision if performance is inside acceptable ranges. Its choice of key performance indicators helps executives communicate strategy and focuses users on the best priority tasks needed to execute plans.

Whereas a dashboard informs users what they are doing, a scorecard tells them how well they are doing. In alternative words, a dashboard records performance whereas a record book charts progress. In short, a dashboard may be a performance watching system, whereas a record book may be a performance management system.

Process of Design

Industry Perceptions

Contrast the Process of Usage

The dashboard and the Balanced book area unit military science and strategic tools severally. Their usage processes are different as well.

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