Chain of Entrepreneurship with Faisal Adnan

The Youngest CEO and the Entrepreneur Mr. Faisal Adnan(Founder & CEO CodeMaze Pvt.Ltd) start the chain of Entrepreneurship to connect peoples all over the world to help and provide opportunity for all the newbie who start their own start their career with their own business.

He help all the students and provide the better opportunity regarding Earn money online with the world largest marketplace e.g Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing , People per Hour,Blogging, E-commerce , Digital Marketing etc..

He start online workshops and live sessions on how to make money online you can attend session live to enhance your knowledge or improve your skills by sharing and learning.

He also start the chain of IT Experts he hire them into his company teach them puts a efforts on them and Provide the job for his relevant skills in his company or some of his reference company. there all almost 192+ students who avail this offer and works in a best organizations and software houses in Pakistan.

He is Running a Organization “Evening IT Hub” under the supervision of the Federal Urdu University Science Arts & Technology , Islamabad, Pakistan. Where he is the president of the Society which have goals to provide the better opportunity to students make him successful in his life to start their better career in the  Information Technology.

Chain of Entrepreneurship is a part of Evening IT Hub. He consider Chain of Entrepreneurship as a project of Evening IT Hub. He also start a Software Firm CodeMaze Pvt.Ltd for the University students whom they work in this firm and enhance their skills regarding Software Developing, Game Development, Mobile Apps Development, Website developing and Designing and the Big Data.

He continuously struggling to complete their aim to learning and sharing knowledge to all the peoples and make them Entrepreneur. see the video below.

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Written by faa

Faisal Adnan is a Young Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of the CodeMaze Pvt.Ltd known as a Entrepreneur and the Technology Mobilizer.


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