API: Importance and uses of API in Programming.

API Complete Introduction

An applications programme interface API may be a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software system applications.

Basically, an API specifies however software system parts ought to act.

An applications programme interface (API) is code that enables 2 software system programs to speak with one another.

API Complete Introduction

In addition, Apis area unit used once programming graphical programme (GUI) parts.

A decent API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks.

A computer user then puts the blocks along.

The API defines the right manner for a developer to jot down a program that requests services from AN software (OS) or alternative application.

An API may be a set of commands, functions, protocols, ANd objects that programmers will use to form software system or act with an external system.

It provides developers with normal commands for activity common operations so that they don’t have to be compelled to write the code from scratch.

APIs area unit out there for each desktop and mobile operating systems.

The Windows API, for instance, provides developers with programme controls and components, adore windows, scroll bars, and dialog boxes.

It conjointly provides commands for accessing the filing system and activity file operations, adore making and deleting files.

In addition, the Windows API includes networking commands that may be wont to send and receive knowledge over a neighborhood network or the net.

Mobile Apis, adore the iOS API, give commands for detective work touchscreen input, adore sound, swiping, and rotating.

It conjointly includes common programme components, adores a pop-up keyboard, an exploration bar, and a tab bar, that provides navigation buttons rock bottom of the screen.

The iOS API conjointly includes predefined functions for interacting with AN iOS device’s hardware, adore the camera, microphone, or speakers.


As you continue learning to programme, and specific languages above all, you may act often with Apis.

The Java programing language is loaded with Apis that you just will use.

In fact, several functions area unit nested at intervals Apis and it’s up to you to import them into your code.

For example, if you’re handling dates, you may import the Java API for dates

Different Types of genus API’s

There square measure many various varieties of genus Apis for operative systems, applications or websites.

Windows, to Illustrate, has several API sets that square measure utilized by system hardware and applications.

After you copy and paste text from one application to a different, it’s the API that enables that to figure.

1. Google Maps API:

Google Maps API

Google Maps genus Apis lets developers embed Google Maps on web pages employing a JavaScript or Flash interface.

The Google Maps API is intended to figure on mobile devices and desktop browsers.

2. YouTube API’s:

YouTube API's

The YouTube API: Google’s APIs lets developers integrate YouTube videos and practicality into websites or applications.

GOOGLE YouTube genus Apis embrace the YouTube Analytics API, YouTube information API.

YouTube Live Streaming API, YouTube Player genus Apis et al.

3. Flickr API:

Flickr API

The Flickr API is employed by developers to access the Flick icon sharing community information.

The Flickr API consists of a group of due strategies and a few API endpoints.

4. Twitter genus Apis:

Twitter genus Apis

Twitter offers 2 APIs. the remainder API permits developers to access core Twitter information

And therefore the Search API provides strategies for developers to act with Twitter Search and trends information.

5. Amazon Product Advertising API:

Amazon Product Advertising API

Amazon’s Product Advertising API provides developers access to Amazon’s product choice

And discovery practicality to advertise Amazon merchandise to legitimatize an internet site.


How API’s work

How API's work

APIs are created from 2 connected components.

The primary could be a specification that describes, however, data is changed between programs.

Tired the shape of asking for process and a come of the mandatory knowledge.


API management

API management

API management could be a step on the far side what is commonly related to packaging development.

It is the set of activities related to business enterprise the API to be used.

Creating it attainable for users to seek out it and its specifications

And regulation access to the API supported owner-defined permissions or policies.

APIs as services

The trend to think about Apis as representing general resources has modified word.

Whereas Apis are expected to be used as a general tool by several applications and users, they’re aforesaid to service,

and can unremarkably need additional controlled development and preparation.

 Why use Associate in Nursing API?

If you would like to alter your product or service to speak to different merchandise or services, it will alter you to try to this.

Likewise, it works an equivalent method if you would like to open your information and practicality to different developers and/or businesses.

The thought here is actually to be ready to do additional with less.

Rather than duplicating information processes, these applications take away barriers to accessing information.

One among the foremost powerful functions is to alter the extraction and combination of information sets.

For those outside of the developed world (i.e. end users), the code underpinning the practicality is essentially invisible.

API’s for business

API's for business

API’s re Brobdingnagian time-savers

Have you ever logged into Associate in the Nursing application or a website victimization your Facebook account?

Its example of however Associate in Nursing API saves you the time of making an account and saves the corporate from making a system from scratch.

 Businesses are making apps that deem Apis

One of the foremost known corporations designed on a foundation of Apis is that the ride-sharing app Uber.

Apis facilitate businesses

The really wonderful factor is Apis facilitate businesses like the North American nation specialize in what we have a tendency to ar smart at.

APIs will permit businesses, from startups to large firms, to specialize in their core competencies while not having to try to work that has already been done.

Even though Uber relied heavily on Apis to induce off the bottom, Uber has currently created their own API for developers to make off of.

API information Formats

By far the foremost in style formatting for internet Apis is XML, though JSON has been growing steadily in quality and usage.

Several developers like the JSON format for a variety of reasons:

Data are often scanned while not a posh programme for many fashionable programming languages

Parsers for JSON exist in nearly each artificial language

JSON parsers area unit quick, tiny and not difficult.

The JSON output is way smaller than XML as a result of JSON doesn’t embody namespaces, attributes, etc like XML will

Many API suppliers supply each XML and JSON information formats.

However, JSON has become thus in style among internet developers to the purpose that some suppliers supply the JSON formatting completely.

A few samples of “JSON only” internet Apis embody Twitter’s Streaming API, the StackExchange API and Foursquare’s APIv2.

Foursquare states on their API page that one amongst the explanations the information is merely offered in JSON format is as a result of

Behind the scenes, it permits North American country to considerably improve performance.

Reasons to Use API

Reasons to Use API

Developer API expertise wherever the presenter’s robust recommendations (per work on the Google genus Apis) was that APIs not need AN API key.

Since we have a tendency to already support authenticating users with username/password to Stormpath.

Would it not be possible for United States of America to eliminate the concept of AN API Key?

I would like to get rid of the maximum amount quality as doable from the obtaining started method.

Unfortunately, whoever advocated this viewpoint (of not victimization API keys) most likely didn’t manage a secure system (possibly as a result of they didn’t would like to?).

Thus I assumed I might share my thoughts on why Stormpath secures our API with API Keys (and thus do others, like Amazon internet Services, and you must too).

I conjointly enclosed some best practices for the way we have a tendency to handle API keys.


Without AN API Key, a Username/Password combine is sometimes used, and these pairs are nearly always less secure:

They’re typically reused across several sites, they’re a lot of easier to intercept.

If compromised on one website, it can be compromised for all sites, etc.

They’re rather more difficult for potential attackers than most traditional 8-13 character passwords (which most attackers have pre-computed in what’s called a Rainbow Table anyway).

 Countersign Reset

If your API uses username/password pairs ANd you would like to reset your countersign (or ar needed to by an admin).

Every bit of code that was victimization your username/password combine for communication with the API instantly fails.

This might be a vastly inconvenient and production-threatening aspect result.


API Keys, as a result of they’re freelance of the account’s master credentials, will be revoked and created.

API Keys will be granted to one account.

Also, as a result of API Keys aren’t your account master credentials, if they happen to be exposed to a workfellow.

A systems engineer sees the contents of your API Key once logged in to a production machine).

Your account master credentials aren’t in danger of being exposed to it workfellow (or the other potential surreptitious party).


Because of username/password pairs are naturally nearly always a lot of insecure (see Entropy above).

We have a tendency to bear extra measures in our system to create logins with them a lot of slower on purpose.

A username/password authentication for AN application can take anyplace from zero.1 to 0.5 seconds on our system intentionally (depending on configuration).

It exponentially will increase the number of your time AN offender needs to undertake to interrupt any given account.

This is just about unnoticeable to the end-user work into AN application.

However, it makes it nearly not possible for AN offender victimization brute force to compromise one countersign

WHO is making an attempt several potential passwords right away (e.g. via AN attack grid on Amazon EC2).

API Keys, as a result of their extra security (used with secure authentication schemes like digest-based authentication), haven’t any such time restrictions.

This permits API calls to be as quick as doable – a necessity for system-to-system communication.

 Restricted Exposure

API Key secrets ar ne’er exposed in our UI ever – they’re provided on creation only once solely (usually via a file download).

And that we provide directions to confirm that file is clear within the package by solely one person.

This encourages a no-sharing policy and makes it a lot of more durable to accumulate API keys.

If the file is clear by the user solely, you have got to compromise AN package account before feat a Stormpath API Key.

Whereas not possible, it will increase the issue by compromising AN API Key.

This conjointly encompasses a nice profit once writing code applications that communicate with Stormpath:

The Stormpath SDKs that get into your application code knowledge to scan this file to accumulate credentials at runtime.

Why is that this important?

Why is that this important


They will actually keep personal to you and solely you (assuming you are doing due diligence and defend your package accounts as well).



This click permits United States of America to trace WHO is liable for dispensing API Keys – one thing necessary for security reportage.

API Testing

API Testing

So currently that we’ve established what associate API is and why genus Apis square measure essential to trendy interconnected.

Globally distributed applications and services, it’s necessary to know why API testing is essential.

API testing involves testing the appliance programming interfaces (APIs) directly.

And as a part of integration testing to see if they meet expectations for practicality, dependableness, performance, and security.

Since genus Apis lack a user interface, API testing is performed at the message layer.

API testing is essential for automating testing as a result of a genius.

Apis currently function the first interface to application logic and since user interface tests square measure tough to keep up with the short unleash cycles.

And frequent changes ordinarily used with Agile computer code development and DevOps.

Why is API Testing necessary Now?

The move to cloud computing has highlighted the importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

With the increase in cloud applications and interconnect platforms, API testing may be a necessity.

Several of the services that we have a tendency to use on a daily basis place confidence in many completely different interconnected genus Apis.

What reasonably genus Apis am I able to Test?

Over the years, genus Apis have evolved from easy code libraries that applications may use to run code on an equivalent pc.

To remote genus Apis that may be wont to enable code on one pc to decision code hosted in different places.

Here may be a fast list of a lot of common API technologies that exist in approximate written account order.

TCP and IP Sockets API

TCP/IP Sockets

  • Remote Procedure decision (RPC).
  • Common Object Request Broker design (CORBA).
  • Java Remote methodology Invocation (RMI) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs)Microsoft Distributed part Object Model.
  • (DCOM) additionally called ActiveXWeb Services (SOAP then REST).
  • When gazing associate API testing tool, it’s necessary to know that API technologies you’ll be mistreatment and the way best to check them.
  • Today most genus Apis you’ll stumble upon are going to be of the online Service selection (either REST or SOAP).
  • However, you’ll stumble upon alternative technologies love Java EJBs or Microsoft DCOM/ActiveX DLLs.

Benefits of internet APIs

Benefits of internet APIs

Web Developers:

There are conjointly bigger customization and adaptability with internet arthropod genus than customary “copy and paste” widgets.

End Users:

An honest internet API will facilitate increase the utility of an internet site and build the location interactive and additional pleasurable.

API Providers:

  • Help build whole loyalty.
  • Increase interest in the company’s product and services.
  • Increase web site traffic.
  • Provide helpful tools to shoppers.
  • Convey company electronic communication.
  • List of helpful internet arthropod genus.

There are thousands of internet arthropod genus obtainable, therefore this can be not a comprehensive list.

Additionally, not all arthropod genus are helpful or sensible for the common internet Developer.

Please note that a number of the arthropod genus obtainable at Google, Yahoo!, etc don’t seem to be free and have fees related to their usage.

This is not a comprehensive list, however a listing of internet arthropod genus that might be helpful to most internet developers.

API's For Facebook

Amazon Product Advertising API

The Amazon Product Advertising API permits developers to access and show Amazon’s catalog of product in web-based applications and websites.

Also, developers will earn financial gain through Amazon’s Affiliate Program exploitation the API.

Bing API

At this point, Bing offers 2 arthropod genus that may be wont to add Bing Search and/or Bing Maps practicality to your website or application.

Envato Marketplace API

You can use the Envato Marketplace API to access and show Marketplace knowledge as well as new files, fashionable files, item details and far additional.

API’s For Facebook

Facebook offers social plugins that show Facebook posts and “Like” buttons to your website.

Social Network Facebook offers many API’s as well as Internationalization, Ads, and Chat.

In the immense and numerous no. of API’s out there on the web isn’t that simple to say concerning all necessary API for one purpose.

You merely encounter to grasp concerning them once you actually search concerning the aim you wish the API for ….

But, the API’s that I actually have encountered in my short span of humanoid development are:-

Google Maps API- one in all the foremost necessary API’s that comes into the role once you got to handle maps in your humanoid apps.

It comes with a set varied API for various functions like

  • Google directions API  for obtaining directions, tracing routes etc
  • Google Cloud electronic communication API (now base Cloud Messaging) used primarily for handling notifications.
    Advertising Apis  “Money !!” To implement ads in your app.
  • Google Distance matrix  for calculation of your time and distance
  • Back4App(previously take  If you would like to urge eliminate creating your own backend then simply register the location and you’ll build your API while not coding.

API Success

To put it merely, arthropod genus enables corporations to maneuver into markets they will not have thought about.

Early adopters are also ready to expand revenue by connection forces with different enterprises.

There are many samples of corporations WHO deployed arthropod genus effectively.

rather than building its own mapping, payment or communication services, Uber used the simplest of these programs and connected all via arthropod genus.

And people WHO witnessed the first days of Twitter can bear in mind that its computer programme wasn’t forever thus intuitive.

However, TweetDeck designed an improved UI on prime of the Twitter engine, that junction rectifier to a additional seamless user expertise.

And a third-party application allowed Google Maps to point out assets locations on a map, resulting in Associate in Nursing exponential increase in quality.

Years later, Google has expanded API access to Google Maps {and several|and a number of different|and several other} of its other product.

The Future

APIs have the potential to rework businesses. ancient ways trust giant sales forces, work and different long, superannuated.

And high-priced measures to run their businesses, and also the observe is turning into less property all the time.

Forward-thinking corporations are reducing prices and time spent by “building their solutions with best-of-breed elements, that they access via arthropod genus,” in step with Forbes.

After you take into account the net of Things, it’s straightforward to envision that the influence of arthropod genus is growing on the far side tech-based corporations.

Organizations ought to develop product strategy for the set of devices, and arthropod genus will facilitate them do this effectively.

Get Started


According to API Academy, there are many reasons why businesses like yours ought to take into account launching arthropod genus.

they provide the potential to:

  • Increase revenue.
  • Extend client reach and worth.
  • Support sales and promoting activities.
  • Stimulate business and technical innovation.
  • Ease integration of backend knowledge and applications.

In general, arthropod genus supply corporations the chance to scale, foster innovation and reach a wider audience.

As Forbes puts it, How a business wins or loses is progressively passionate about however well they hook up with external party apps, devices, and services.

This can be why, regardless of your company’s size or trade, it should be time for you to explore arthropod genus and what they will mean for your enterprise.

What do you think?

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Faisal Adnan is a Young Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of the CodeMaze Pvt.Ltd known as a Entrepreneur and the Technology Mobilizer.


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